A Small Intro to TESLA COIL

Before going to know what is slayer’s exciter tesla coil, let’s know about what is tesla coil.

Tesla coil produces high frequency and high voltage and low currents from DC supply. So,when you take a led or fluroscent bulb near to coil,it will glow even it is not connected to battery. This is because of the property that AC currents have. AC currents generate alternating magnetic fields(changing magnetic fields),these changing magnetic induces electricity in nearby conductors.Now the question is how do you create alternating currents(frequencies) with DC supply(no frequency). To produce these high frequencies , we use Spark-gap tesla coil or slayers exciter tesla coil. In spark-gap tesla coil we use LC oscillator to generate desired frequency, while in slayers exciter tesla coil, we use slayers exciter circuit , which uses transistor to generate high frequency.

In both of these, primary coil and secondary coil are used to increase the output voltage. Now according to transformer ratio , the power delivered by primary coil must be equal or less than to the power received by the secondary coil. So, in secondary coil the voltage rises and currents decreases.

Slayers Exciter Tesla coil


 Let’s break the circuits into parts to understand it well. Whatever the circuit , it must contain the circuit to generate high frequencies and high voltages  
Tesla coil circuit by ramamanikanta

Me and my friends used 2N2222 transistor in slayer’s exciter circuit and there are many transistors and mosfets you can try. To understand briefly about this circuit, one must need to know about working of transistor. As we know that current only passes through collector to emitter when the current flows through base. Also the base current is very low in transistor.

 Generation of Frequency


Here the frequency is created by 2n2222 transistor. we have to consider that even if the given power supply is DC, the voltage has to rise from 0 to certain number and this process will take few micro seconds and in this period the current increases in primary coil and this creates changing magnetic fields and these changing magnetic fields induces currents in secondary coil .

As one end of secondary coil is connected to base , the currents induced secondary coil stops current flow to base from DC supply and as the current through base is 0, the currents through collector also becomes 0. After some microseconds again current flows through base and collector and current induces in secondary coil and base and collector currents becomes 0 and again this process of on/off of transistor continues …

In this way frequency is generated

Rise in Output Voltage
By maintaining no of turns in primary and secondary coil, we get desired output voltage. To get the spark at the tip of secondary coil the output voltage must be high(more than 1600V). we used 4:500 turns and amplification of 125 times to voltage in primary coil.
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