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I am Rama Venkata Manikanta , an engineering student pursuing 2nd year of mechanical engineering , RGUKT-ONGOLE

First of all , i am very happy to have you here . I created this site to share my knowledge in field of science and engineering.  We are few friends learning about rockets , drones and robotics . Let’s explore …

rama manikanta
igloo by bing

How Igloo's can protect you from cold snow

Igloos and science behind There are Two awesome science aspects behind igloo’s One,...
load on different materials a)brittle b)ductile c)completely ductile

Mechanical properties of materials

Mechanical properties define the use of specific material for different purpose . For a situation we...

Solid Rockets- a complete overview

Rockets propulsion works with fuel ignition. And gets thrust by expelling mass at high speeds . For...
Straight line mechanism

Exact Straight Line mechanisms & animations

Exact Straight line mechanisms No matter , what industry it is , it must have straight line mechanism ...

Approximate Straight line mechanisms

Approximate straight line mechanisms Click here Here are few exact straight line mechanisms   Watt’s...
Carbon FIbre

Carbon Fibre - A remarkable Invention

A Small intro to carbon fibres Who want to spend more in money and risk...
HC-05 Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module- explanation, pinout , arduino code

Bluetooth module is useful for wireless communication for short range of distances (upto 10m). These...

Poor man "Tesla Coil" - working

A Small Intro to TESLA COIL Before going to know what is slayer’s exciter tesla coil, let’s...

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