My top 5 in my B.Tech

In my engineering, I  got to explore useful and fascinating areas. Here are my top favourite.

Top 5 learnings

1.3D Printing

Due to me and my friend’s active particpation in events , we got to get connections. By the way we bought a 3D printer from one such connection from  bangalore.3D printer is utmost important to reduce prototype and design manufacturing process. 

With this 3D printer we got to develop more designing skills. And we printed project components and artistic designs.

2.SolidWorks and Autocad

In my second year of engineering . we have cad lab and its my first experience in Computer Aided Drawing. And i loved this a lot . Honestly , i learned all the basic tool very well.

In Autocad i learned 2D. But for 3D i shifted to solidworks and my mech friend shifted to catia. Autocad helped me a lot , but it’s solidworks which made the designing more easliy grasping , visually attractive. I used it for designing and printing 3D parts.


Rocketry is not such part of me , untill i am watching musk. By him , i got interest in rocketry . And later i got to know that it’s the most difficult , challenging and need more investment of money and technical minds. So i wanted to be in rocket field and create some powerful technology for my country.

For this reason , i wanted to do model rocket in my campus . Up-to now i completed motor preparation , Thrust Measuring System and Electrical ignition .  Now we need to go through test trials and rocket development and launching. 

4.Manim - Python Library

Manim is a python library to create mathematical animations for visualized learning. I love learning with animations. 

complex topics like Differential Equations, Linear Algebra , Neural Networks , Laplace Transforms , convolutions , Fluid Dynamics , Gradient , Vector fields and many can be visualized so well with manim animations. Thanks to 3B1Bcreator manim package.This is opensource. 


It is always important to create sustainable income . So i started to build to my own website by taking hosting plan from hostinger. By this , i learned to create attractive pages , posts ,collecting mails, popups , SEO criteria and many .

As of now i created some posts related to tech and engineering. I am going to share about engineering , rocketry , drones and robotics , startups , and many more.

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