Aditya L1 , and its Focus area

These Indian Startups are paving the way to cut Plastic Usage
Eco friendly startups that are trying to cut plastic Even though we know the harms of plastic. We still...
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skills i have gone through in B.Tech
My top 5 in my B.Tech In my engineering, I  got to explore useful and fascinating areas. Here are my...
Aerodynamic stability of Rockets
Aerodynamic stability of Rockets Stability is more more important in any...
igloo by bing
How Igloo's can protect you from cold snow
Igloos and science behind There are Two awesome science aspects behind igloo’s One,...
Approximate Straight line mechanisms
Approximate straight line mechanisms Click here Here are few exact straight line mechanisms   Watt’s...
Straight line mechanism
Exact Straight Line mechanisms & animations
Exact Straight line mechanisms No matter , what industry it is , it must have straight line mechanism ...
load on different materials a)brittle b)ductile c)completely ductile
Mechanical properties of materials
Mechanical properties define the use of specific material for different purpose . For a situation we...
HC-05 Bluetooth module
Bluetooth module- explanation, pinout , arduino code
Bluetooth module is useful for wireless communication for short range of distances (upto 10m). These...
Solid Rockets- a complete overview
Rockets propulsion works with fuel ignition. And gets thrust by expelling mass at high speeds . For...

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