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Approximate Straight line mechanisms

Approximate straight line mechanisms Click here Here are few exact straight line mechanisms   Watt’s mechanism  Modified scot-russell mechanism  Grasshopper mechanism  Tchebicheff’s mechanism  Roberts mechanism Watt’s Mechanism Modified Scot_Russell Mechanism Grasshopper Mechanism   Tchebicheff’s Mechanism Robert’s Mechanism   Related Theory will be provided soon ..  Thank you , You can suggest the topics to write about 

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Solid Rockets- a complete overview

Rockets propulsion works with fuel ignition. And gets thrust by expelling mass at high speeds . For this we need propellant( fuel and oxidizer). In liquid propulsion we store oxidizer and fuel in different tanks . But this is not a case with Solid Rockets. Obviously ,we can get good combustion efficiency when the fuel and oxidizer are mixed properly. We can mix liquids easily , but it is not for solid rockets .

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