Approximate Straight line mechanisms

Approximate straight line mechanisms Click here Here are few exact straight line mechanisms   Watt’s mechanism  Modified scot-russell mechanism  Grasshopper mechanism  Tchebicheff’s mechanism  Roberts mechanism Watt’s Mechanism Modified Scot_Russell Mechanism Grasshopper Mechanism   Tchebicheff’s Mechanism Robert’s Mechanism   Related Theory will be provided soon ..  Thank you , You can suggest the topics to write about 

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Solid Rockets- a complete overview

Rockets propulsion works with fuel ignition. And gets thrust by expelling mass at high speeds . For this we need propellant( fuel and oxidizer). In liquid propulsion we store oxidizer and fuel in different tanks . But this is not a case with Solid Rockets. Obviously ,we can get good combustion efficiency when the fuel and oxidizer are mixed properly. We can mix liquids easily , but it is not for solid rockets .

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Thermodynamics and Introduction

Introduction to Thermodynamics Thermodynamics is the science of energy transfer and its effect on the physical properties of substances. It is based upon observations of common experience which have been formulated into thermodynamic laws.These laws govern the principles of energy conversion. The applications of the thermodynamic laws and principles are found in all fields of

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